Sunday, November 2, 2014

Chu Cat Chronicle, number 5, pg 42-43

普羅旺斯的廣告看板實在很可愛哪~ 充滿古意, 線條簡潔有力. 紅鶴是Camargue自然生態區的常客, 馬車是古代流傳下來的, 馬賽地鐵的廣告說: 有了這張卡, 就能如魚得水的使用公車電車地鐵!
The advertising panels in Provence are really cute- vintage, simple and straight forward. Flaming is one of the frequent guest in Camargue nature reserve. Horse carriage is a tradition. Marseille's metro slogan says: With the permanent pass, using bus, tram and metro, you are like fish in the water.

(明天繼續連載 / to be continued tomorrow)