Saturday, November 1, 2014

Chu Cat Chronicle, number 5, pg 40-41

在法國南部的城市- 馬賽, 參觀偉大建築師柯布的建築作品. 
柯布是我心目中最偉大的建築師, 從建築整體, 到最小的細部設計, 到處都充滿著藝術性. 1996年, 我大學5年級實習的那一年, 就曾經開車環繞法國和瑞士一整圈, 拜訪了所有- 是的, 所有的, 一件也沒漏- 柯布的設計作品, 連他在瑞士出生的公寓, 以及靠近摩納哥安葬的墳墓 (也是他自己的設計), 我都造訪過. 
這次, 跟全家來到馬賽, 跟先生攜手, 帶著孩子們, 一起造訪柯布建築. 心中除了對建築深深的感動, 同時要分心管教身旁嘰哩瓜啦的孩子們, 也對自己生命到此刻的歷程有所省思. 
說到這裡, 想想, 孩子們都已經第二次造訪柯布的建築作品了, 實在是身在福中不知福啊~

In Marseille visiting Le Corbusier's great work- L'unite D'habitation.

Le Corbusier is my absolute favorite architect. From architecture to detail design, every part of the building is artistic and full of Le Corb's soul. In 1996, when I was still a student, I drove with a friend, anti-clockwise around the whole of France and Switzerland, to visit all his buildings. Yes, all of them, even if I had to climb the walls and take the risk. I visited his birth place in La Chaux de Fond in Switzerland, and I visited his grave in Cap Martin, near Monaco. 
This time, coming to Marseille, with my husband and children, visiting Le Corb's architecture together. I am not only once again deeply touched by his work (occassionally distracted by chattery children), but also contemplated on my own journey of life this far.
Speaking of which, come to think of it, this is already the second time my children visit Le Corbusier's works. How lucky they are... but they just don't know...

(明天繼續連載 / to be continued tomorrow)