Monday, November 3, 2014

Chu Cat Chronicle, number 5, pg 44-45

艾克斯的米拉波大道(Cours Mirabeau)是非常寬闊, 兩旁各種植兩行懸鈴木(Platanus/ plane trees). 沿街精美有尊嚴的建築物, 道上裝點著噴泉。 最有名的咖啡館是“兩個男孩”(Les Deux Garçons), 建於1792年, 畫家塞尚和作家海明威等, 經常來此光顧. 大道北部是老城區, 街道蜿蜒曲折, 很有氣氛. 我們來到這裡的時候, 早市正熱鬧著呢! 我愛死市場了! 但是我發現這裡市場的東西比小城市的市場貴, 除了香腸還不錯, 其他想要的東西, 就留到我們住的Sausset週日市場再去買吧!

Cours Mirabeau in Aix-en-Provence is a wide avenue, flanked on both sides by double rows of platanus trees (plane trees). Along the avenue are many beautiful and prestigeous mansions. Many fountains decorate and interrupt the aix. The most famous cafe is Les Deux Garçons (Two Boys), established since 1972, often visited by Cézanne and Hemingway.

North of Cours Mirabeau is the old area, with winding streets. Very atmospheric. When we arrived, the morning market was still bustling. I love it! But I find the goodies much more expensive than our local Sunday market at Sausset. I will wait for the coming Sunday.

(明天繼續連載 / to be continued tomorrow)