Thursday, October 2, 2014

Chu Cat Chronicle, number 5

出版Heel Erg Anders後, 第一次短篇成集, 於是Chu Cat Chronicle第五集就誕生了!
After publishing 'Heel Erg Anders', the first time working on short stories. Here we go- the re-birth of Chu Cat Chronicle, number 5!!!

早餐後, 跟小娜騎自行車去了一趟菜市場, 法國的菜市場真是好逛. 今日收穫: 普羅旺斯產的大蒜一串. 晚上, 孩子們都睡了, 我畫了這個. 對了, 大蒜是紫色的.

After breakfast, I went to the market with Nina by bike. French morning market is my paradise! Today's gain: Garlic from Provence. I drew this at night, after the kids went to bed. Oh right, the color of the garlic is purple.