Thursday, October 3, 2013

2013 Summer Travelogue, Frejus, St-Tropez and Grasse

Frejus is a bizarre and lovely ancient little town. It has France's earliest Christian church dated 374AD. The cloister ceiling panels have comic-like figures- angels, devils, hunters, acrobats and monsters!!! It is dusk when we arrive. Most shops are closed. Outside an antique store are a few shelves of old books. If you put an one Euro coin into the post box, you can bring home any book you like.

In St-Tropez, we start at its glamourous beach, La Pampelonne, where Brigit Badot shot her famous film. We also enjoy lovely cakes at bakery La Tarte Tropezienne.

Grasse, the most extravagant perfume town before Paris took over. Still charming and chic. We visit Perfumery Molinard and wonder through winding streets of Grasse, thinking of the novel Perfume...