Monday, May 13, 2013

Heel Erg Anders available in online bookstores

I am gladly announcing the publication of my debut graphic novel 'Heel Erg Anders'. 
The original English title of 'Heel Erg Anders' is 'Rain or Shine' which you might have been following its development via my webblog or on Facebook. This is a true story about my son, his autistic disorder and our struggle.

Buy it, read it and tell me what you think.

Thank you!

Shiuan-Wen had a demanding career as architect in Rotterdam when she discovered that he four-year-old son Lennert is autistic. Once the shock subsided, she did everything she could to respond to his disorders. During this struggling process, she was also confronted by the influence of his handicaps on her own life. How long can she still go on as a Superwoman?

In this autobiographic graphic novel, Shiuan-Wen deepens her knowledge in autism and describes her fight to ensure her son a carefree childhood and to teach him mundane everyday living skills. She looks at Lennert through a mother's desperate and fascinated eyes. Autism crushes her down, but Lennert brought Shiuan-Wen in contact with many important things which she forgot during her career-climbing years.

Is Lennert ever going to be OK? No matter what happens, his mother will be there- together with the family- to do anything and go anywhere necessary- rain or shine- until her last breath. 

'Heel Erg Anders' is now online available. To name a few: